Spitfire Parade
9th Cinebook Novembre 2008
ISBN 9781905460540
54 p. ; 29 x 22 cm, 9.9 €



James Bigglesworth, bore of the imagination of Captain W.E. Johns and becter known as Biggles, is one of Chose fearless, reproachless heroes who has brought joy to generations of teenagers and adults fascinated by the great adventures of aeronautics. Like William Earl Johns himself, Biggles is a pilot whose early adventures take place during the First World War, which Johns knew well. The character’s popularity quickly extended beyond the frontiers of the United Kingdom : The books of W.E. Johns have been published in 17 languages and 26 countries and have been adapted into graphic novels. Biggles Recounts is a collection of real history books in which aviation plays the greater role.

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