Odilon Verjus. Vol. 6. Vade retro Hollywood !
Le Lombard, Collection Troisième degré Octobre 2002
48p. ; 30 x 23 cm, 12,95EUR



Sorry return to promiscuity, in our overheated halls like lupanars, which the clergy is not altogether unreasonable in condemning ! In that case, why not freely open training schools for courtesans ? O fresh and stormy winds of Dionysian drama ! Aeschylus where art thou who wouldst have blushed to represent aught of amorous passion but its crimes and infamies ? Do we not, even yet, perceive the heights to which rise those chaste pinnacles of modern art, “Duck Soup” and “Horse Feathers” ? In more intelligent hands, have not the best of our dramas wherein love is important returned logically and naturally to an indulgence of smiles ? “Vade retro Hollywood”, which is the classic type of this sort, is a tragi-comedy, and all the characters surrounding, “Odilon Verjus and Laurent” are frankly comic.

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