Light as legacy
Ed. des Cendres, Collection Transmitting art Mars 2019
ISBN 978-2-86742-291-1
91p. ; 25 x 22 cm, 20EUR



Charles Juliet. – In order to master the strokes that you use all the time when creating the matrix, you must have had to repeat them an infinite number of times, and then forget them so that they could become spontaneous rather than controlled…

Fanny Boucher. – I think that there comes a point when the energy needed for the particular gestures no longer comes from above, it’s no longer controlled by your brain but comes from your centre, your gut, and moves upwards, radiating through your hands and guiding your movements…

Photogravure, like many other specialist crafts, can only be learnt through repeating the required movements. It’s only through regular and consistent practice that one masters the craft and gets to know the material. Practice teaches you to anticipate and understand how the material is going to react and to correct your movements according to the state of the material.

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